Good Shepherd Lodge

Emergency Shelter | New Construction

DGA was involved in the development of the Inn of the Good Shepherd’s Lodge which was created to act as an emergency shelter for the surrounding area. This building was designed to provide shelter spaces for short-term emergency purposes, as well as long-term transitional living spaces for those who were not able to return to their homes as quickly. The Lodge was also built to provide areas for those with accessibility requirements that could not be addressed in typical shelter living quarters. Additional spaces were also provided to help support the facility in need, such as a kitchen/cafeteria space, staff overnight accommodations, medical offices and laundry facilities. This facility has been designed to provide a safe and comfortable environment for those who have been through an emergency scenario.



1315 Exmouth Street, Unit #2
Sarnia, Ontario, N7S 3Y1
Tel: 519-336-4880
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